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The Book - First in a series of three.

From 1945 to 1973, more than 100,000 members of the U.S. military were advisors in Vietnam. Of these, 66,399 were combat advisors. 11 were awarded the Medal of Honor, 378 were killed and 1,393 were wounded. Combat advisors lived and fought with South Vietnamese combat units, advising on tactics and weapons, and liaising with local U.S. military support.

Published October 2018 and available now at:

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The Movie

Combat Advisor in Vietnam

American combat advisors were an integral part of ARVN infantry units, providing advice, liaising with US military support, and working with the ARVN officers and NCOs.  Worthington filmed all he did for three months to document what combat advisors did.  It is Vietnam like never seen before.

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The Column

As a pilot for 40 years, I have over 7000 hours and have flown my own planes in 49 states (missed Hawaii) and three foreign countries, from Mexico and the Caribbean to the Arctic. 

My experiences as a pilot and owner of nine planes have been chronicled in my column, The Left Seat, for several years.

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