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Combat Flying in Vietnam

My web site will have a new addition. I will be editing various chapters describing combat flights from my two books as a combat advisor. The chapters will be rewritten to become stand-alone articles on various combat flights I participated in. I was not a pilot then, so I did not do any of the flying. The flights were for recon, one med evac, combat missions or going from one combat area to another. Each article will be numbered, and they will appear, one at a time, over the next several months.

Combat flying in Vietnam: Low and Slow by Bob Worthington

I was not a pilot in Vietnam but during my two tours as a combat advisor accumulated about 180 hours of combat flying. I was a crew member (recon), passenger (med evac), or using aircraft for combat missions or transporting me around Vietnam. Over the next several months I will take chapters from one of my books, edit them so they will read as a separate article, and they will appear here, on my web site. My flying activities in Vietnam earned me a Purple Heart and an Air Medal. Enjoy!