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Movie Premiere of Combat Advisor in Vietnam

A Special Event in Las Cruces, NM – November 17th, 2018 Non-fiction writer and film producer Dr Bob Worthington, in conjunction with Bob Worthington Films, PRC Productions and Borderlands Media are hosting the premiere of Bob’s one-hour documentary film depicting what combat military advisors, serving with South Vietnamese combat units, did during the Vietnam War. After this premiere this film will be commercially available via Internet streaming services and directly from Borderlands Media. This movie will show what combat advisors actually did. Where we lived with the Vietnamese troops, what we ate, combat operations, including Vietnamese “County Fair” operations where Vietnamese and US military would secure a rural village and provide medical and government services to its citizens, is presented. There are scenes depicting US and Vietnamese medical personnel holding a joint medical clinic for rural Vietnamese, a night combat operation where the Viet Cong agreed to stop the fighting if the American advisor would arrange for a military helicopter medical evacuation, to save a Viet Cong baby’s life (which he was able to do), and the filming of a Viet Cong machine gunner shooting at Bob as he filmed being shot at (the VC missed). All footage was shot by Bob serving as a combat advisor on his first tour in Vietnam, during 1966-67. The film discusses the extensive training for combat advisors (counter-insurgency, counter-guerrilla and unconventional/special operations warfare, learning about the culture, customs, and history of Vietnam and then Vietnamese language school). This film footage was shot during Bob’s last three months in Vietnam for his first tour there. The entire year is described in his next book, Under Fire with ARVN Infantry, to be released this fall by McFarland Publishers. Bob’s second tour in Vietnam (1968-69) involved mostly special operations, again as a combat advisor with Vietnamese combat units. This will be described in his second book on combat advisors in Vietnam. Associated with this event will be the US Pilots Association and all the USPA affiliated state pilot organizations. This weekend is offered as a special fly-in activity, where members can participate by flying their planes to Las Cruces. USPA is a national 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization for general aviation pilots and aircraft owners. USPA was created to assist pilots in organizing state and local pilot groups for providing safety education for people who own and fly small planes. Bob is a Director Emeritus and former, long-term president of USPA. USPA members will arrive on Friday, 16 November and fly into Las Cruces Airport, parking and refueling at Southwest Aviation.  USPA members will be staying at the new Hilton property, Home 2 Suites, located on North Telshor Blvd. That evening USPA members will eat, as a group, in a local restaurant. The premiere of this documentary film will be held at the oldest theatre in New Mexico, the Rio Grande. On Saturday morning, USPA will be the special guests of the movie studios of PRC Productions to see what goes on behind-the-scenes of making a movie. USPA members will participate in various aspects of movie making magic. Late that afternoon, USPA and movie production company hosts will attend a light dinner and then attend the film premiere. After the film and a Q & A session in the theatre, there will be a champagne reception for everyone at an adjacent restaurant. USPA attendees and special guests, will receive a special Movie Premiere DVD copy of the film, with extra added combat footage, filmed by Bob, that is not in the commercial version of the movie. This special DVD of the film is made only for USPA and special guests, autographed by the producer, Bob Worthington.