Presentation Event Jan. 18

Topic:  PowerPoint presentation on latest book and documentary movie.

Where:  Branigan Library in Las Cruces, NM

Date & time:  Saturday 18 January 2020 from 1 to 3 pm.

Las Cruces writer Dr. Bob Worthington will do a PowerPoint presentation on his latest book and documentary movie at Branigan Library on Saturday 18 January from 1-3 pm.  

His book, Under Fire with ARVN Infantry, was published in October 2018 by McFarland & Company, Inc, Publishers.  It is about his first tour in Vietnam as a combat advisor serving with Vietnamese Army infantry units.  His presentation will cover the book to describe who and what combat advisors were, the specialized training they received (U.S. Army Special Warfare School and Vietnamese language school) and how they were deployed.  His presentation will show photos from his tour as he will explain the story behind the photos. This book covers his 1966-67 tour. He returned to Vietnam for his second year as a combat advisor in 1968. 

He will also show some clips from the documentary movie he produced, Combat Advisor in Vietnam, commercially released in early 2019 by Borderlands Media.  The one-hour movie was filmed by Bob during the last three months of his first tour.  The movie has been acclaimed as a film on the Vietnam War, unlike any other Vietnam movie.  Copies of both the book and the movie will be for sale at his presentation.  

Dr. Worthington is a retired Army lieutenant colonel, a retired New Mexico State University Journalism professor as well as a non-fiction writer with over 2500 publications.