Book #3 Update

 The third book of my trilogy about my last decade in the Army as a clinical psychologist is about 85% done.  I have 3 more chapters to finish.  I have added another article on combat flying in Vietnam to my web site, it describes my flight in an Air Force AC-47 gunship.  It was an interesting, exciting, and very, very, cold ride.  Open doors and windows at 130 mph 3000 feet above the ground, at night.  I also have a chapter in a military anthology being published an a couple of months.  A friend described his experiences as a new Army recruit undergoing basic training in a chapter in the anthology.  He suggested I do a chapter so I took the chapter in my forthcoming book, Fighting Viet Cong in the Rung Sat, about my year as the commander of a basic training company and condensed and edited it to comply with the anthology format.  My friend was at the bottom while I was at the top.  It will be published by the Military Writers Society of America this fall.